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BABY BUMP BELLY PHONES - How to Connect With Your Unborn Baby

Posted by JUDY DeLuca on

Spiritually Connecting With Your Unborn

Experiencing the Power of Pregnancy & Connecting With Your Unborn Baby Can be Beautiful & Blissful!
You were excited when you found out that you were pregnant and now its time to explore ways that you and your family can connect with your unborn baby before bringing your baby into the world. You will feel the bonding and connection of this little soul that you are creating by using your Baby Bump Belly Phones.

Amazing how technology has advanced!

Did you know that your unborn baby can start to hear sounds as early as 16 weeks in the mother's womb and that the baby's hearing is fully developed at about 20 weeks. Even the baby's memory starts at 30 weeks into your pregnancy.

Now Lets Get Started With Ideas on How to Communicate With Your Unborn Baby 

Below are 7 Ideas to Help You and Your Family to Engage With Your Unborn Little Spirit

  1. Playing songs while you are using your Baby Bump Belly Phones / otherwise known as Belly Buds can create a happy encounter for your baby and the outside world. What a harmonious way to engage with your baby!
  2. Reading books and telling stories to your unborn baby gets them very familiar with the tone of your voice. As time goes on your baby will recognize different voices that were engaging with them including mom, dad, siblings and grandparents. Be sure to engage with the baby frequently with the same family members.
  3. Sing the Alphabet Song to your baby and develop a learning skill for the baby to adapt to.
  4. Tell your baby how many weeks it will be until the expected arrival of your baby entering into the world.
  5. Tell your baby how excited you are that you are able to connect with their little spirit.
  6. Set quality time of at least 15-20 minutes a day with your unborn baby and they are sure to look forward to waiting for the interactions that you are setting aside for them.
  7. Tell your new unborn baby names of the people in your family and as they enter into this world they will recognize the names that were frequently mentioned to them over and over again.

There is no right or wrong way to communicate with your baby but your baby is most definitely listening! 

Research has found that our newborns recognize and can even be soothed by sounds that are heard in the womb.


This bonding with your unborn baby is a great experience for the whole family.

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